Welcome to Edens Spirit. The name of this site came to me from within myself after some time of introspection. What am I searching for? What have I been searching for? What makes me, me? Why have I had certain unexplainable experiences in my life since I was a child? What does the Creator want from me? What needs to be said? What have I learned from the bizarre and exotic roads I have taken in my life and how can I help others through the circumstances I have learned from and on and on.

I believe somewhere inside of me, there is a place that wants to return to The Garden. I believe that there are others like me in this world and they understand the same call in their heart. This is not a place for Religeon because Religeon is below the place of finding Your Creator and Yourself. This is a place of experiencing Spirituality and the origins and future that lies therein. This is a place where you will read of experiences and hopefully, share your own as well as a place of whatever happens, just does…..a place of peaceful freedom and of true Spiritual Expression.

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At some point in time, I may find it plausable to write more about me but for now, I will make it very simple. I am a Creation of God, I am a woman, I love life, I have walked many roads, I have seen many people, I have had experiences that are natural to me but unatural for a great deal of humanity. I believe in the Spirit of Eden, the Spirit of Our Creator, who walked with man and animal before man became unbalanced.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.